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The Jennifer Lyn On-line Store is Open!


The on-line store is officially open! Take a peek and see the new Merch. We've got gift ideas for everyone.


Jennifer Lyn to Open for the Gear Daddies


Jennifer Lyn is excited to announce that her band will be opening for the Gear Daddies in Fargo on Saturday, November 19. The show will be held at the Windbreak and Jennifer Lyn takes the stage at 8:30 PM.


About the Gear Daddies:

After nearly 30 years together, one of the most resilient and influential Americana/Rock bands ever to come out of the Twin Cities is reaching back to the greatest fans in the world. With headline performances ranging from The David Letterman Show to Austin, Texas' South x Southwest Music Festival, Gear Daddies has rocked fans from coast to coast. Over thousands of miles and countless venues from New York to Los Angeles to Phoenix to Denver to Kansas City to all over the Midwest (you get the idea) Martin Zeller, Nick Ciola, Randy Broughten, and James "Billy" Dankert have galvanized a fan base across America with their unique brand of music and lyrics that exude an opportunity to re-live some of our own life experience.

Tickets will be available at the venue beginning October 15th. Call 701-282-5507 for more information.




Jennifer Lyn's New Album On The Radio


Thank you to Bismarck's KDAK 102.5, "Steamer's Blues" show, and Owatonna's KOWZ, "Hammered by the Blues" show for playing Jennifer Lyn's new album 'I'm All Wrong for You Baby'. You can listen live to either show by clicking on the pictures below.

Check out their shows as they help to keep the Blues alive and thriving over the FM and AM airwaves.

The "Steamer's Blues" show airs every Thursday at 8:00 pm (CST) on KDAK 102.5FM.








The "Hammered by the Blues" show airs every Sunday at 10:00 PM (CST) on KOWZ 1170 AM.







Jennifer Lyn's Debut Album "I'm All Wrong for You Baby" is Officially OUT!


Listen and download Today!


Check Out Jennifer Lyn's Interview with URL Radio!


Did you miss Jennifer Lyn on the 'Rock Ranger Show' yesterday?

You can hear that interview by clicking on the link below. Jennifer chatted about her upcoming album "I'm All Wrong for You Baby" and her Saturday, October 8th Album Release Party which will be the North Dakota guitar show of the YEAR!

Listen to the interview below.








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